On A Planet Called Earth, There Live A Pair of Twin : Biology and Technology

We are keeping out our autonomous technology’s entropy low in order to keep our own entropy even lower…

Who are we?

Why do we need technology?

Why do we create technology?


Have you ever feel so not creative?

Of course. Everybody has. Do you know that when we are not creative or not productive, we are flowing against our nature? We are ignoring our instinct.

Living organisms are naturally creative. We create things. We are naturally born to create things. We are able to transform our sense discomfort into ideas and with our hands, we build things that compensate our discomfort, and those ‘things’ are what we call technology. A human creates huts and houses to protect themselves from dangers. Spiders create webs to catch on preys. Cats dig up holes in the ground to cover their feces. Basically… Every living organism creates technology. It’s only the level of complexity of technology they create, shows their degree in the huge kingdom of biology.

What is technology?

They are slaves!

We create them, in order to keep us comfortable, to satisfy our endless needs. We create them to help us keeping our entropy low and thus sustain our existence in the universe. Technology is made to help us resist our natural tendency towards decoherence and decay.

They are, indeed, our helpful little dead buddies.

Technology is our imitation. They are our twins.

They are made to imitate our behavior that is limited by either our size, speed or stamina. We create mixer machine to bake cakes by imitating our hand’s ability to stir. We need the mixer machine because our hands’ ability to stir isn’t as fast, and our stamina will drain along the way even before the dough is smooth enough. By our consciousness of discomfort, we made up ideas and turn them alive. Voila! The new slave is made.

Most of them might not look humanoid. Most of them might not have legs, head, and eyes like us. They are physically different from us humans. But their behavior is, surprisingly (if not scarily) identical with us, in some way. Yup, they need to maintain their entropy low, just like us, to keep on functioning and satisfy our needs. They need power from electricity, for example, like the electronic households. Another needs gasoline, like cars and buses. They need energy supply, just like humans, to function and ‘metabolize’ it into the outputs that are already commanded for them to do. Some of them are even autonomous, we don’t need to supervise them. We don’t need to put constant and continuous input for them to work. Some of them, let’s say robots, are clever enough to do decision making based on the algorithm put into them, or memories planted into their ‘brain’ as a base or guide to make a decision. They are like… our twins? Or siblings?

What makes them different from us?

They are powerful, but they are… Helpless. They are made to earth, to fulfill some specific purposes. Humans are not. We are born and live, and decide what we want to be. Technologies are born to do A, B or C, and are not capable to do D unless the creator designs them to. They are less random and varied than human in responding to stimulus. A robot that is programmed to say hello to a guest in a store will always say hello when a guest comes in. But human… some will say hello, some will not even care, some will turn their heads away, some will do million other different things! They are also powerful but hopeless. If we try to destroy them, they don’t fight. In other words, they do not know that they need to protect themselves to keep on functioning.

source : https://www.interaction-design.org

The differences between human and technology that I have described above should make it clear just how superior we are to technology. We need them, but we can live without them. Technology, in another way, will never exist if we don’t exist. Unfortunately, in the era where technology is as much as humans in amount, and live together on earth, the line between which one is the slave and the master is blurred. We are getting dependent on technology in decision making. For example, technologies in social media have decreased our ability to socialize and turn us out into a rigid and social-awkward being. We are slowly turning away from our nature and look a lot like our ‘siblings’. Thus, I really hope that we can stay human. Stay free, stay independent, and stay ruling the world!


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