Wearable Technology : The Modern Form of Functional Fashion

When we talk about clothing and grooming, is there any clear distinction between the choices we make because of function and the choices we make other than that? For example, when choosing the right sweater to buy, is it possible if we make the decision only based on its material? Mostly no. Of course, we also consider whether the sweater looks nice on us, which color is prettier, which design or model that suits us the most, and even sometimes which design is the latest. There is no way we go to a store and grab anything that fits. There must be many complicated considerations other than functional reasons.

Both things, fashion and function are two ‘old friends’ that can’t be separated for as long as human has lived. The both things support each other. There is always fashion in everything. Fashion comes natural for human, we may say as instinct. It comes out of our minds unconsciously. It is just like a language, form of self-expression. With fashion we can communicate who we are, self-characteristics, age, gender, social and economic class, mood, ideas, occupation, etc. The way fashion communicates and expresses ourselves is simply something functional.

In this modern era, brands are competing in creating the finest and achievable fashion. Utilitarianism stand along with style. Creative designs coupled with functional aspects are two most important elements that can’t be left behind. Many new fabrics are introduced to the world of fashion to add more value to the clothing. The latest and more efficient production methods are found to raise up customers’ comfort and satisfaction, up to the way the products are distributed and arrived in customers’ hands− every aspect in fashion industry is developing and become more competitive each day. To win the market, innovations is needed.

If we talk about innovation, technology is the forefront. The innovations in technology has reached wide range of aspects in human’s life. There is no thing in our life that hasn’t been touched by technology. And fashion is no exception. As the CEO of Fashionbi Milan said that fashion is fine, but imagine if the product is also smart, meaning multi-functional, it will give more than just a sense of aesthetics. And I couldn’t be more agree. Technology is now modernize functional aspect of fashion. We no longer talk about bags that fits loads of our belongings, but something a level higher. Ralph Lauren had introduced their Ricky Bag with light that facilitate user to simply organize their belongings. Rings, bracelets, and necklaces are now designed with sensors in it to ‘magically’ detect user’s mood. Tag Heuer and Apple had launched their fashionable smart watch. Even Barneys New York had just launched their very new smart bracelet that connects with text message  and other notifications. Technology is added in fashion, even in the simplest form. In the future, many features added to fashionable device is not impossible. Truth is, customers are craving for devices that blend fashion and function elegantly. They are ready to spend dollars on new technology to support their modern lifestyle. Adding technology to fashion and it will create something different, something unique.

The phenomenon of technology invasion to the world of fashion is what we call wearable technology. Technology is upgrading the function of the fashion. That is the way technology is surrounding us even in clothing− how technology gets in everyday couture. That is the way technology can easily be wore, and incorporated into our wardrobes. Let’s take deeper insight about one of the successful wearable that I had just mentioned above. Barneys New York smart bracelet was a success hit because it offers what other bracelets don’t. It is fashionable and very beneficial for customers. As we know, unique and sophisticated stuff always stick out. The features support modern lifestyle perfectly. With smartphone-connected notifications, busy users will be able to stay on-the-go without missing any important messages. The fashion in the design is what makes the product suitable. It covers the technology nicely so it won’t look like a bot patched in one’s hand. The collaboration between style and sophisticated function yields competitive result, makes it confident to enter the market.

The coming of fast-fashion in to trends clarifies that brands need to update more than just style to stay on the industry. Trend changes fast, meaning innovative design isn’t enough. More value needs to be added to a product to keep it last, to lay other rivals aside. Tag Heuer smart watch is an example. With its exclusive access to technology, it distinguishes itself from rival watch brands. With its prominent features, it stands strong through style that changes fast overtime, makes it the only options for customers looking for product with certain features.

With the help of innovation in ways of shopping−what we know as online shopping, these wearables will enter the market way faster. Advanced fashionable wearables are accessible for everyone. They won’t be products that is rare to get, but products that anyone will know and can be purchased in just one touch. With the help of this easy distribution method, wearables will be something common. This will sure create new generation of functional fashion. Soon enough, as technology improved, new wearables will be introduced. In the future, jewelry with tracking device won’t be impossible. More comfortable breathable fabrics with 3D printing will be used in apparel industry. Wearables with important characteristics such as lightweight, Wi-Fi enabled, user friendly, long battery life, and chic style will lead the trend. In the end, brands with the most creative innovation in inserting technology into fashion will stand out of the crowd, delivering the most up-to-date and modern-lifestyle-suitable wearables to customers’ hands in convenient way.


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